Recent Projects

A kitchen within this student accomodation was needing a bit of an 'update'. All the tiles, worktop, sink and units were removed and replaced with a more contemporary and modern looking kitchen, providing more storage and work surface.

With the old kitchen removed already by the customer, all that remained was to discuss exactly what the customer wanted in their 1 bedroom flat for a replacement. After a little guidance and deliberation, a neutral theme was decided with a view to perhaps letting the property.

In this 1 bedroom apartment, the old shower had leaked from both around the tray and behind the unit so everything had to be removed before a new suite could be installed. A new tray and enclosure, tiles, toilet and sink brought the small room back to life!

This is the rear entrance to a unit on an industrial estate. Some rubber matting had been used for some time around the tree, hiding stones, weeds and cigarette ends. A complete over-haul was required.

Around 4 inches of clay soil was removed and a membrane was used to prevent further weeds. Only a little ballast was used as the ground was relatively compacted naturally. Sand with a medium-wet mix applied with the pavers, as at the time there was quite a bit of sunshine - (so no chance of some rain helping a dry-mix along).

A couple of intricate slab cuts needed here and there but, needless to say an improvement on how it used to be.